If you’ve been arrested for DUI … if you’ve received a suspension letter from the Department of Transportation … if you feel you’ve been wrongfully given a traffic ticket — call an attorney right away.

Time is precious. From the moment you are stopped by the authorities and receive a citation, summons, license suspension notice, or any other official notice, the clock starts ticking and you need to find yourself aggressive and effective representation IMMEDIATELY or you may lose valuable rights within days of your infraction if you don’t have someone in your corner.

You need a lawyer who is familiar with all the intricacies and nuances involved with DUI offenses … the vehicle codes of Pennsylvania and New Jersey … and the means to obtain reduced charges, no-point tickets, dismissals, acquittals, reduced sentences and other rulings that will help you keep your driving privileges, property, money and personal freedom.

I’ll assess your case and candidly tell you what’s your best course of action.